My semester has ended!!!! I am thankful for God’s grace that helped tide me through this rather intense semester. I think I spent too many days in the library. Brain numbed.

Thankful for (in no particular order)

  • Weekly Thursday fellowship with Catholic student society 🙂
  • Study buddy – J and all our eating, whining, vending machine adventures and seat-choping among other things
  • My grades (B+ – A+)
  • Amazing lecturers/tutors
  • Having performed in a play for the first time in my life! (Sadly probably the last too)
  • Discovering the claypot stall and having it almost every other day for dinner
  • Quiet rainy days
  • So. Much. Fruit. Juice.
  • Central Library. Nuff’ said.
  • My room in pgp haha

Many assignments, a group project here and there, plentiful of theatre rehearsals leading up to theatre performances and FOUR finals later I am glad this semester is over!!! I hope I do well. (^^^^^ CAP pls.)



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